Why study medicine in Europe ?

Studying medicine in Europe, whether general medicine, dentistry or veterinary, gives you the opportunity to study in another country, and adds great value not only to a high level of teaching, but also to your personal experience. You will have the opportunity to experience different cultures and get to know people from all over the world. Unlike medical studies in Israel, the conditions for admission to medical studies in Europe are much more favorable and usually include an admission test. We at the Medical Studies Abroad will prepare you for the entrance exams and a quick integration into the first year of study, in any of 40 possible universities in 10 European countries. The quality of teaching at European universities is very high, with international collaborations and breakthrough studies that will give you an edge. Great when you start your career as a physician, graduates have the opportunity to work in any EU, US and other countries in the world, and of course in Israel.

Admission Requirements for Medical Studies Abroad

The conditions for admission to medicine are screening tools for European universities. The admission conditions consist of a number of parameters, and each university uses a different method for screening applicants according to the following distribution:

About 10% of all universities require a high school diploma that prepares science studies.

The certificate should include knowledge in:

  • Biology
  • chemistry
  • Physics (in some cases)
  • Anatomy (in some cases)

Approximately 10% of all universities require a science degree certificate, plus an internal acceptance test.

Approximately 80% of all universities require an internal admissions test which includes a written American questionnaire and an oral English test in the following fields of study:

  • Biology
  • chemistry
  • Physics
  • anatomy

IMAT – Admission Test for Public Health Universities in Italy in English Programs. The test consists of the following areas of study:

  • Biology
  • chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge
  • Cognitive thinking

The best preparation for the entrance exams

The Tel Aviv Medical College preparatory program provides medical overseas candidates with all the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in these exams, without the need for prior knowledge. In addition, the great knowledge that the students acquire helps them to pass their first year of study well. Preparatory studies in the preparations are the largest in Israel and the lecturers in the preparations are veterans with experience in teaching also in the faculties of medical studies at various universities in Israel and abroad.

How to make it easier to choose a course of study ?

The college coordinates all knowledge and guidance for choosing an appropriate course of study. The choice is derived from a number of factors to consider: costs, living conditions, social considerations and the nature of the university, along with a range of possible learning paths, distance from home, integration into a new community and dealing with a foreign language.

Counseling and placement services are provided to all preparatory students and graduates and meet all student needs:

  • Assisting in filling out and submitting application forms to universities abroad
  • Help finding an apartment abroad
  • Making connections with the local Jewish community
  • And more

לימודי רפואה בחו"ל

Medical studies in Israel require particularly high achievement in the psychometric exam and on average matriculation scores. In addition, even with high grades, due to the large number of candidates each year, many candidates are delayed from starting their studies. For these reasons many students choose to study medicine abroad.

The quality of medical studies abroad is high: about 40 universities from 10 countries have a program of English medical studies under strict European standards. European universities are known as outstanding universities winning international awards.

לימודי רפואת שיניים בחו"ל

More and more EU countries are adopting the English Dentistry program. Countries such as Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and others are adopting highly respected programs recognized throughout the EU and many countries around the world, including Israel. Tuition for dental studies abroad is far higher than tuition in Israel, but living expenses will be lower.

Admission requires, in most cases, completion of an entrance exam with excellent grades in the fields of chemistry, biology and physics and English proficiency. In our preparations we prepare you for these requirements and give you a significant advantage to study at the university of your choice.

לימודי וטרינריה בחו"ל

Is your dream to help animals? Overseas veterinary studies can make it a reality. Many European universities now offer English-language veterinary programs. Among the most popular countries are Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic. Our preparatory exam prepares you for admissions exams in biology, chemistry and physics as well as your personal interview. After successful completion of the course, graduates can meet the admissions requirements of the various universities.